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A Truly Innovative System!


TruV introduces the TruV volume tremolo. Volume tremolo because vibrato and volume can be affected simultaneously. Just pull out the push/pull pot and activate the volume circuit.  As the tremolo bar rotates, the volume goes from null to max in about 10 degrees.  No more "pinky swells".  

The TruV volume tremolo can be installed on nearly any guitar with a tremolo.  The system can be seen on our custom built" BNA" Nashville model guitar introduced at the 2017 summer NAMM show.  Watch below as Scott LaFlamme introduces the TruV system.



The TruV system will power additional on board active electronics such as the Sustainer.  Enjoy the following Dovydas video showcasing a TruV modified Fender EOB Stratocaster.














Enjoy our gallery videos and we hope you share our vision as to where this could go.




Volume Tremolo

(Vibrato) (Volume) = TruV Volume Tremolo